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Have you got the right shredder for your office?


Choosing your office shredder

Shredders are an essential part of any office to destroy private and confidential documents. When choosing a shredder there are plenty of options to take into consideration. How many people will be using the shredder? Picking a shredder would be dependent on whether it would be receiving occasional use, moderate use or heavy use. Each shredder would have a different security level, which shredder would be best for use in your office would be dependent on your business and the level of private and confidential documents you receive or need to destroy.

Choosing the right shredder for your office

Shredders can also contain additional features, which can bring up the cost quite substantially, such as ultra quiet, which would be perfect for use in a office which is shared by many. Another would be a large bin capacity, which would mean less emptying and therefore be less time consuming. Or even auto reverse which returns the paper the shredder cannot accept, this happens if the paper is too thick or too many sheets have been entered.

Shredders from Q Connect, Fellowes and Rexel

Many popular office brands offer Shredders including Q Connect, Rexel and Fellowes, all offering many alternatives.

Different shredders offer different ways to destroy your documents. Strip cut, which is known as the least security level, this one cuts into thin strips. Cross cut, cuts it in two ways offering higher security levels, the paper would end up into diamond shapes, this would make it extremely difficult to try to piece back together.

Shredders advertise how many sheets it will shred on 75gsm paper. However it isn’t only paper which shredders can shred, some models can shred credit cards, staples, paper clips and CDs & DVDs.

We also stock accessories for your office shredders including shredder oil. Shredder oil can prolong the shredders life as it will keep it free from dust particles, also improving the performance of the shredder. To use shredder oil, put some onto a piece of paper then let it feed through the shredder. Another way to oil your shredder is to use oil sheets, oil is already on paper here which will also save time. Shredder bags is another accessory, this makes it easier when coming to emptying the bin. This would prevent loose sheets of paper from coming out of the shredder bin.

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