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Flipchart easels help make the perfect presentation

Flipchart Easels

Flipchart easels are perfect for presentation purposes offering exceptional quality at affordable prices. Each flipchart easel comes complete with a pen tray and has plenty accessories available for use with the easel such as flip chart markers and the A1 flip chart pads.

The pads can come in two ways with either holes to attach to the easel or with self-adhesive pads, which allows them to be stuck to numerous surfaces. Both types of pads however come with a perforated top for a quick and easy removal of the paper.

The flipchart markers have a bullet tip to ensure the writing can be clear and precise. The markers for the flipchart pads are bleed proof, which means the writing wont seep through onto the back of pad which would allow for both sides to be used. An extra feature found on a flipchart easel is the integral magnetic drywipe board, giving extra space for further notes.

Flipchart Easels From Your Favourite Brands

We also offer all the major brands, such as, Q Connect flipchart easels, Nobo flip charts, Bi-Office easels and Franken at very competitive prices. All flipchart easels come complete with a minimum of 12 months warranty.

Easels come in a variety of styles. Options include a mobile flipchart easel, which are on wheels, which can be locked to allow for stability when a presentation is taking place or a tripod easel in which the legs can be closed making it easier for storage when not in use or for use on a desk. Flipchart easels are also height adjustable, which makes it accessible for people of all heights.

Flipchart easels can have plenty of uses within an office or any teaching establishment. Examples of the use are to give a presentation, or for use in meetings where a brainstorm can easily be made. A classroom is a also a perfect setting for an easel to be used.

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