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Redesigned magnetic glass boards by Sigel

Sigel magnetic glass boards can be used almost anywhere and be used for a wide variety of applications, such as a notice board in the office or at home. These glass noticeboards are made from high quality tempered glass and are magnetic, they also have a drywipe surface which allow them to be written on. […]

Flipchart easels help make the perfect presentation

Flipchart easels are perfect for presentation purposes offering exceptional quality at affordable prices. Each flipchart easel comes complete with a pen tray and has plenty accessories available for use with the easel such as flip chart markers and the A1 flip chart pads. The pads can come in two ways with either holes to attach […]

Q Connect dry wipe boards offer so many benefits

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Q Connect drywipe boards are ideal for use with standard drywipe marker pens, Q Connect whiteboards boards are a perfect addition for any office and are excellent for planning, training and education purposes. Magnetic Drywipe Boards Magnetic drywipe boards are very similar to a standard whiteboard, these boards have a steel coating behind the surface […]